Total Custom Leather Judaica

Unlimited Options

Sometimes you want something extra special.

Creating the perfect memento of a lifetime event might involve more options than we can show in a limited space, but we have a nearly unlimited range of options for you.

When you are looking for something that truly expresses your thoughts and feelings – we are ready. Browse the full collection of leathers, images, lettering, colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, layouts, and other possibilities.

Design it yourself or get in touch to request quick advice or a custom design consultation.

We’re ready to help you understand what is available, find ideas and inspiration from earlier designs, and spark your creative side with innovative combinations and arrangements.

Convey your message with the full range of available options, combinations, and customizations. Ask about our custom concierge service to for the most in custom leather Judaica design and creation. Turn your dreams into beautiful realities.

More Choices for Designing

You can choose almost anything you see on any of our pages and combine it in almost any way you wish. What else is available?

Get exactly what you want, for any occasion, any recipient.

The perfect custom leather gift or addition to your home.

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Total Custom Leather Judaica


Quality Leathers

Choose from an extended selection of leathers – Matisse, Laredo, Florentine, Cowhide, Crocodile, Ostrich, and many more.


Put your image on it.

Embroider the picture, pattern, logo, text, or other image from our collection, or create your own embroidery pattern from a photo.


Embellish your creation.

Embroider text in an extensive variety of styles and a rainbow of colors. Trim, stitch, add, move, and change to your heart’s delight.


Getting started with your creation.

Contact us using the form below with your questions, or to schedule a Judaica Creations custom design consultation. We’re here to help.

See our full range of custom Judaica.

View every leather, pattern, typeface, color, trim, and combination in our image libraries and include the perfect touches in your custom leather Judaica creation.

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