Shop for custom leather Bar Mitzvah tefillin bags.

Design your own custom bags to commemorate the event. Create the ultimate personal gift. Compose your bags from our huge selection of leathers, colors, finishes, embroidery images, thread colors, text styles, patterns, and optional handles, pushkas, etc. See what other people have done in our extensive product galleries, and create something inspired.

We offer individual tefilin bags, combination talit and tefilin bags, outer bags with two inner tefilin bags – in a variety of sizes. Browse our pages of custom leather Bar Mitzvah tefillin bags in one, two, or three leather colors below.

Each page has a section of tabs showing examples of the available options. A form on each page is ready for you to enter your preferences to get a quote and customize your gift or purchase. You also have the option of viewing our extended galleries to see the literally unlimited possibilities, then tell us exactly what you want in the message area of the form.

Your custom leather Bar Mitzvah tefillin bags can be made with exactly the combination of options that suits you, for a unique expression and lasting enjoyment.